Exercise Your Way to Improved Health

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It seems like each week we are bombarded by news about threats to our health. Cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions are all caused among other factors, but poor health conditions. When people make poor food choices over time, do not exercise, and become obese they raise their chance of being stricken by these and other chronic diseases.

image012The good news is, that these diseases are largely preventable. When we begin to make small changes such as eating a healthier diet, getting better sleep and exercising, our odds of getting those life-threatening illnesses go down significantly.

So, exercise is the key to maintaining and restoring good health. Sticking with a good exercise program is the best insurance against future health challenges. A great side benefit is that when we exercise regularly we feel better about ourselves, we feel happier and more energetic, and more able to handle the stress of everyday life.