The Benefits Of Doing Spiderman Pushups

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Doing pushups can be a good way to work on your upper body strength, but there are many variations that you can do besides the basic exercises that you learned in P.E. classes in school. For example, doing Spiderman pushups can be a good way to get more out of your workouts.

happy-young-man-doing-pushupsLearning how to do these pushups is simple, and you can include them in your daily workouts. By doing them on a regular basis, you can expand your repertoire and have more options open to you when you are working out. This helps keep you from getting bored with the same few exercises.

To do this type of pushup, start in the familiar plank position. Your feet should be together and your legs held straight. Put your hands on the floor a bit farther apart than your shoulders. Be sure to keep your back straight, and do not let your rear end stick up in the air.

Lower yourself to the ground, as in a normal pushup, by bending your elbows. However, when you are at the lowest point of the movement, do not simply raise yourself back up to the starting position. Instead, lift your right foot off the ground and bring your knee forward until it reaches your elbow.

Hold this position for a moment, and then return your right leg to its initial position. Push yourself back up to the plank position. Repeat the same movement, but this time bring your left knee forward to your left elbow. Continue alternating sides for as many reps as you want.

The advantages of doing a Spiderman pushup are that it helps your chest and arm muscles work harder. When you move your leg forward, it shifts your weight, which means that your muscles have to adjust to the new position. This helps to work different muscle groups, increasing the resistance and helping you strengthen your muscles more quickly.

As with most forms of pushups, a Spiderman pushup mainly works your pectoral muscles, your deltoids, and your triceps. It is an excellent form of upper body workout. It also can engage your core muscles and helps to strengthen them.

Since you are only supporting yourself on three points of contact when you move your leg forward, this means that your abdominals and other core muscles have to work harder to maintain stability. Moving your legs forward and back also helps to work your lower abs since it mimics the movement used in many abdominal exercises.

These pushups are an excellent addition to any exercise regimen, especially if you are an athlete or outdoor enthusiast who needs to maintain a strong upper body. Because they also work the abdominal muscles, they let you strengthen multiple muscle groups at the same time, making your workouts more efficient.

Learning how to do Spiderman pushups gives you more options when you are working out. Start to incorporate these and other variations on the basic pushup into your daily exercise routine.