Tips For Performing Perfect Dumbbell Squats

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dumbbell-squat-personal-trainerDumbbell squats are an excellent alternative to barbell squats. They are perfect for all bodybuilding beginners who want to build mass the safe way. Squats are essential for building the quads and glutes, but they also stimulate growth in other muscle groups, therefore they should be part of any bodybuilding routine.

The problem of barbell squatting is that it can be dangerous when done without the supervision of a personal trainer. If you get very tired, you may encounter troubles in reracking the bar or you may even injure yourself. That’s why the presence of a training partner is important and that’s also why you should consider switching to these type of squats for getting the same results in a much safer way.

Here are a few tips for performing the dumbbell squats in the most effective and safe way:

1. Distribute the load evenly

After you find the most comfortable foot angle, you need to pay attention to maintain that angle for both feet. If you don’t, the load will be unevenly distributed, thus putting more strain on one of your knees. In time, this may lead to injuries.

2. Do lifts the correct way

The proper way to do the lifts is by pushing your legs down into the floor rather than attempting to lift the dumbbells. By doing this the right way, you protect your back and avoid severe injuries.

3. Maintain a good posture throughout the exercise

It is important that your back forms a constant angle with the floor for the entire duration of the squat. This is not only a good way to avoid back injuries, but also a method of forcing the quads and the hip flexors to do the job.

4. Keep your feet in the right position

The right position for the feet is either ahead or slightly outwards. Avoid positioning the feet inwards, because that would put additional stress on your knees.

5. Never arch backwards

One of the most frequent mistakes beginners do when they perform squats, with or without dumbbells, is arching backwards. This is a totally wrong posture which should be avoided at all costs because it puts a lot of stress on your lower back. You may see it done in lifting competitions, but those people are well-trained power lifters, so they know how to do it without injuring themselves.

Always remember that your main objective, apart from building muscular mass, is to protect yourself against injuries. Therefore this should be your main priority. If you train with other people or with a personal trainer, you can protect yourself better. However, if you are a lone trainer, it is much wiser to go for safe alternatives to various workouts instead of risking to harm yourself. Weight lifting is one of the most serious training routines in body building. Beginners especially tend to overlook how easy it is to get injured, so this article aims at presenting them this safe way to perform squats at home.